Professional Planning Fees

    My clients hire me to save them time, to ensure they get the best value for their vacation dollar, to benefit from my expertise and experience, and to ensure the details are looked after.

    Professional Planning Fees - 2023

    If you have never used a travel agent, you may think…“Why should I book through a travel agent when I can book the trip myself online?”

    There are so many reasons; here are some of the most important ones!

    ·        I can save you time and effort.  If you have ever tried to book your own vacation, you know how many hours can slip sifting through the tons of information online.  It can be overwhelming even for the most experienced of travellers!

    ·        I may be able to save you money as I have access to special offers that are not available online.  More importantly, I only work with trusted suppliers, to ensure that your vacation experience meets or exceeds your expectations.

    ·        I always have my client's back!  If something goes sideways, you have me to take care of you and your travel investment.  I cancel trips, get you your refund or travel credit, and help with insurance claims.  If you are in destination, I will work to bring you home safely and as quickly as possible!

    ·        Especially in a world with COVID-19 where travel restrictions, entry requirements, and insurance policies are ever-changing, you can leave it to me to keep track of all the details!

    ·         Still not convinced?  Perhaps this video will explain why better than I can;  it's only 6 minutes (apologies for the ads) Why Use A Travel Agent with Nolan Burris

    Below is my Professional Planning Fee Schedule for 2023.  The fees I charge compensate me for my time, experience, and professionalism.  The fee also ensures that I focus my time on clients who intend to book with me.  After working with me the first time, you will agree that I am worth the fee I charge.  Check out the testimonials on my website.

    If you think we are a good fit, I look forward to helping make your vacation beyond the ordinary and stress-free. 


    • Free consultation to determine your vacation needs and wants
    • Advice in choosing your destination, accommodation, transportation, and local activities
    • Booking and reconfirmation of all travel components
    • Quick response to all questions before, during, and after travel
    • Peace of mind before and during your vacation
    • Post-travel follow-up (and support, if needed)


    • All fees are payable in advance of work being done
    • All fees are non-refundable
    • HST will be added to all fees
    • A 3% credit card fee will be charged for fees over $175

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